Chris Wallace Puts CBS On Notice In D.C.

By Brian 

“I hear Chris Wallace pushed some buttons at CBS News this past weekend after inching past them in the ratings in our nation’s capital,” an e-mailer says. Indeed: “In D.C., Fox News Sunday pulled a 2.3, narrowly beating CBS’ ‘Face’ with a 2.1, and ABC’s ‘This Week’ pulled only a 1.3 — its second week in a row of dismal ratings locally,” FishBowlDC reports. Sunday marked the first time that Fox News Sunday has delivered higher ratings than Face the Nation in the district. Is Bob Schieffer losing his edge, and will CBS do something about it?…

> ABC’s This Week outperformed CBS “in 11 of the country’s top 12 markets,” ABC noted.

we > Update: Wednesday, 4:50pm: NBC’s Meet the Press beat ABC and CBS COMBINED in DC last week. NBC had a 4.2 rating, compared to Fox’s 2.3, CBS’s 2.1 and ABC’s 1.3…