Chris Wallace Profiled

By Brian 

Sunday’s Miami Herald profiles Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. He describes how he decided to leave ABC for Fox: “Its news coverage was very aggressive, very watchable, much more interesting…than any of its competitors,” Wallace says. “And it was much more even-handed than it is given credit for.””

Quoting Glenn Garvin: “His feelings solidified after a meeting with Fox News boss Roger Ailes, whose stint as a Republican media specialist 30 years ago is often cited as evidence that the network has a political agenda. ‘The only vaguely political question he asked me was, ‘Can you get up in the morning without immediately thinking that your country is at fault?'” says Wallace. “I had no problem doing that.”

> Also: “Fox News Sunday’s major appeal to viewers, if not guests, is Wallace’s smile-as-you-slip-in-blade interviewing style. He’s an equal-opportunity ravager,” Garvin writes.