Chris Wallace & Fox & Friends, The Sequel

By Chris Ariens 

Chris Wallace‘s regular Friday morning appearance on Fox & Friends was a lot more harmonious today than last week. Much shorter too.

Wallace began: “I just want want to say that I’m looking forward to this segment with about the same sense of emotions i felt the first time I had a colonoscopy. So please begin the procedure.”

After some light banter about Brian Kilmeade‘s pink shirt and the write-ups of last week’s incident (including a shout out to brother blog FishbowlDC, and their poll on who would win in a street fight: Wallace or Kilmeade? The poll is still open with Wallace leading 59% to 41%), Steve Doocy jumped right in with, “So what’s coming up this weekend on your show?”


Toward the end, Wallace said, “you guys…we’re all okay? Steve, I heard you were ticked, Brian told me you were ticked?” “Actually I wasn’t ticked at all,” Doocy said (in a not-so believable way).

The gang will all be together April 16 for the Radio-TV correspondents dinner in Washington. “Hug and kisses only,” said Gretchen Carlson. TVNewser will be there too, so we’ll report back to see if it’s all hugs & kisses…

> Update: Click continued for the clip of the segment…