Chris Matthews Promises Wife ‘Whatever Help I Can’ In Run for Congress

By Mark Joyella 

Earlier today, Kathleen Matthews, the wife of MSNBC host Chris Matthews, announced her campaign for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the eighth district of Maryland. On MSNBC tonight, her husband opened Hardball with a few personal comments about the campaign, and what it would mean for his show.

“I am proud that my wife, Kathleen, has declared her candidacy for the U.S. Congress today,” Matthews said at the top of tonight’s Hardball. “As her husband, I will of course support her in this campaign as I do in every aspect of our lives.”

Matthews said he would offer his wife “whatever help I can, including giving her whatever advice might be useful.” But Matthews said as a journalist, “I will continue to fully disclose my relationship with her as part of MSNBC’s commitment to being transparent and fair in our coverage.”