Chris Matthews Complains About Putting Sh*t On The Air — While On The Air

By Brian 

An e-mailer tells the story: “Chris Matthews seemed to be caught off guard when the commercial break ended at 7:27 ET and his show resumed… he was heard finishing up a conversation with someone, using the word ‘shit.'”

He was “referring to the line-up they had on tonight’s show. He didn’t know he was on air,” another e-mailer says.

Here’s what Matthews said: “We’re all reacting here and we’re putting on shit, we have nothing going” — then he looks at the camera and realizes he’s on the air and says “Welcome back to Hardball.” He was apparently referring to the breaking news of Michael Bloomberg‘s party affiliation change.

“I apologize for that,” Matthews said later. “I shouldn’t have used that word on the air.”

It wasn’t the first time…