Chris Matthews: A Reality-Distorter Who Has Disgraced The Media, Congressman Says

By Brian 

On MSNBC’s Hardball yesterday, Republican Congressman Peter King said Chris Matthews was “distorting reality.” Here’s the transcript. The segment talked about the wisdom of no-bid contracts and the President’s apparent lack of information about Katrina.

 MATTHEWS: The fact is that most people trust the media on this story, because the pictures of what was happening down there in New Orleans apparently got to them before they heard of any federal action.

KING: Chris, you are totally distorting reality. And that’s the problem with you. You are distorting reality. You are on the story. You and MSNBC have carried away with this. You should all be ashamed of yourself.


KING: You have disgraced yourself and the media.

MATTHEWS: OK. Thank you. OK.

> Jamie adds:King said “it was not Bush’s repsponsibility to watch Chris Matthews’ show to see coverage of the hurricane devastation after being asked if he found it problematic that Bush had to be shown a DVD of news coverage.”