Choose A Caption

By Brian 

Here’s a twist on the typical caption contests: LKL guest host Ryan Seacrest hosted Nicole Richie last night. So choose the best quote from CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein to fit this screen grab:

1) “We’re rollicking, aggressive pursuers of facts. No one else does that. Plenty of people talk about that. We’re the only ones who go out and report the news.” (Source:, Jon Friedman, June 10, 2005)

2) “Our editorial chops are alive and well. We’re kicking butt every day. The American people want serious news, and they’re not getting enough of it from cable.” (Source:, Jon Friedman, June 10, 2005)

3) “If you’re a television executive and you want to improve the numbers, you have to address the quality” (Source: Bloomberg, Cecile Daurat, June 23, 2005)