Chetry & Roberts: Live-blogging CNN Prez Jon Klein’s Conference Call

By Brian 

11:47am: Roberts will no longer anchor This Week At War. “We’ll have an announcement about who will take over… later.”

11:47am: Will CNN continue to emphasize hard news? “What the audience wants from CNN is hard news. The more the others get away from it, the more of an opening that leaves us to exploit…”

11:45am: “Our numbers are actually up in the morning. The problem is, they’re not up as much as the rest of our network.”

11:43am: Klein says he watched Soledad’s reporting (tsunami, Katrina, MLK papers, Mexico City) and “It just became very obvious that that was the perfect role for her. Only, she had no time because she was anchoring a morning show three hours a day.”

11:42am: “Everything that we’ve done over the past couple of years I’ve been here is about matching our on-air talent to their passions.” He added: “We’ve had fantastic success with that approach.”

11:41am: Klein just said Chetry used to work “behind the iron curtain” (at Fox News Channel).

11:40am: Klein on Chetry: “One look at her tells you why she deserves the slot. She’s a fantastic anchor. She lights up the screen. And she’s got a passion for news.”

11:39am: Soledad and Miles are staying at CNN in “important featured roles.”