Chetry and Roberts Talk “Leveling the Playing Field,” Twitter on the “Menu”

By SteveK 

This morning we took the Morning Media Menu podcast to CNN’s American Morning, and talked to co-anchors Kiran Chetry and John Roberts. The new Twitterers (@KiranChetryCNN and @JohnRobertsCNN) are part of CNN’s week-long special “Road to Rescue” coverage about the economy.

“There’s been so much pessimism in the economic coverage that we want to turn things around,” says Roberts. People don’t want to hear just ‘doom and gloom, doom and gloom,’ they want to hear ‘what can you arm me with.'”

The duo, who are getting close to their two year anniversary as anchors of the morning show, described the difference between their program and their competition.


“It’s less about our opinion, it’s less about chatting,” says Chetry of the morning show. “At the end of the day it’s about making sure you’re as informed as possible.”

They also talked about the new media being incorporated into the show. “It’s a real flattening of the landscape between the producers of news and the consumers of news,” says Roberts. “It’s a completely interactive thing.”

Also discussed: the future of newspapers, how the program has changed over their two years, and yes, Roberts responds to the rumors he’s dating fellow CNN anchor Kyra Phillips.

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