Charlie Rose to Receive Fred Friendly Award

By Mark Joyella 

“There are honors, and there are honors,” says CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose. “To be in the same sentence with Fred Friendly is an honor.”

Quinnipiac University will present Rose with the 23rd annual Fred Friendly First Amendment Award in New York June 15. The award, named for the former CBS News president, has been handed out by the university’s school of communications since 1994.

“It is fitting that this year’s Fred Friendly First Amendment Award is being presented to Charlie Rose,” said Lee Kamlet, dean of the School of Communications, in a statement. “It was Fred who pioneered the production of live and unrehearsed television interviews. Charlie has turned that into an art form, bringing countless illuminating conversations to his audiences on PBS and CBS. And like Fred, Charlie has an innate and seemingly insatiable curiosity about people and their stories. No one knows better than Charlie that it takes hard work, discipline and a wide range of interests to prepare for and conduct a solid interview. Our students would do well to learn from him.”