Charlie Rose and CBS News Named in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

By Chris Ariens 

Three women who worked at CBS This Morning have sued Charlie Rose as well as CBS News for sexual harassment.

Katherine Harris, Sydney McNeal and Yuqing Wei all worked with Rose in 2016 and 2017. In a 17-page complaint they claim Rose touched them, made comments about them, and boasted about his sexual prowess including telling them, “you should have seen the women I was with when I was younger.”

Rose was fired last November after the Washington Post reported that 8 women had accused him of sexual harassment. A Post investigation published yesterday revealed another 27 women claim they were harassed during his 40-year career at multiple TV networks.

A CBS News spokesperson responded in a statement: “We will vigorously defend against the allegations pertaining to CBS News.”

And then there’s this new information from one of Rose’s former unpaid interns. Reah Bravo writes in the New York Review of Books:

Of all my assignments for Charlie Rose, the one that came with the oddest sense of happiness was when he asked that I unclog the toilet in the master bedroom of his Bellport home. It was brimming with feces and had left the upstairs smelling like a factory farm. My yellow dish gloves were flimsy and it was impossible to move the plunger without excrement slopping from the bowl. But I confidently reassured myself, “No man would ask this of a woman with whom he wanted to have sex.”