Charlie Gasparino’s First FBN Scoop: Tiger Woods

By Chris Ariens 

He hasn’t even started — officially — at Fox Business, but hot shot reporter Charlie Gasparino had his first scoop on FBN today. At 2:27pmET, Gasparino called in to the network to report that Tiger Woods would be holding a news conference Friday to apologize for past misdeeds and to get on with the game of golf. GOLF channel reported it at 2:28pm, CNBC at 2:37pm and ESPN at 2:49pm. It’s been nearly three months since Woods was last seen publicly, since the Thanksgiving night car crash that triggered a domino effect of sexual allegations against him.

After reporting the scoop, Gasparino did the next logical thing: he Tweeted about it (after the jump)…


> Update: Bloomberg’s Sports Media/Business reporter Michele Steele actually had the news first, via this Tweet, about 10 minutes before Gasparino…