‘CBS This Morning’ Celebrates 100 Shows

By Alex Weprin 

This morning was the 100th edition of “CBS This Morning,” the morning news program launched by CBS in January.

“We are at a point now where the operations of the show are a well-oiled machine, or at least getting there,” EP of “CBS This Morning” Chris Licht tells TVNewser. “Everyone is in a rhythm, they know what their job is, we have some stability, and now we are at the end of phase one of many phases, and now it is just every day looking to make it better.”

The anniversary was not the focus of the show, but it was given a brief mention at the end by anchors Erica Hill, Gayle King and Charlie Rose. On social media platforms, producers sparked conversation with viewers using the #100Mornings hashtag.

“For a show like this to launch cleanly, every part of this building had to really reinvent themselves,” Licht says. “Because we did things differently, from the engineering department to the editing department, photography, everybody had to be on board with this, and there is no way we would have launched so cleanly had not everyone in the building really pulled together under Jeff [Fager] and David [Rhodes] and said ‘ok, we are going to make this work.’”

All three morning shows led with the arrest in the Etan Patz case, though CBS had the benefit of senior correspondent John Miller, who has been covering the Patz case for 33 years, since he was a reporter at a local TV station.