CBS Sunday Morning Gets Its First New Set in 39 Years

By Chris Ariens 

Most TV news programs swap out their sets every 6 or 7 years.

But CBS Sunday Morning has been using the same set since it launched Jan. 28, 1979.

That’s going to change this Sunday when the 90-minute broadcast begins its 40th season in what CBS is calling a “re-imagining of the signature set.’


“The new set is evocative of the one viewers have come to love since the launch of the broadcast,” said Sunday Morning ep Rand Morrison. “The goal is to enhance the visual experience for our viewers, while not shocking them with dramatic changes. The colors are refreshed, the building materials updated, and we have a bit more flexibility in what we can do in the studio.”

The previous set was dismantled earlier this week and the new one constructed in its place. Designed by Jack Morton Worldwide, it includes the familiar round, multi-level stage that can be used for multiple camera locations for host Jane Pauley.