CBS… Still Allowing the News Anchor To Tell War Stories

By Brian Flood 

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On the heels of the Brian Williams scandal regarding embellishments to his war-reporting, CBS must really trust its evening news anchor Scott Pelley.

Pelley has never given us any reason to question his background, but some members of the media have gone to great lengths to dig up allegations on both Williams and FNC’s Bill O’Reilly. So when Pelley opened up his office and personal photo album to “60 Minutes Overtime,” the network showed the trust they have that Pelley wouldn’t mention anything that could be taken out of context. Or misremembered. Or exaggerated.

With essentially nothing to gain, Pelley showed viewers a glimpse into the three weeks he spent in Afghanistan in 2009, reporting on the 2nd Battalion of the 8th Marine regiment. Yesterday on “60 Minutes,” Pelley revisited the men of Golf Company in person to see what had become of them five years later.