CBS Sponsors Newseum’s ‘Reporting Vietnam’ Exhibit in Honor of Bob Simon

By Mark Joyella 

CBS has announced it will sponsor an exhibit at the Newseum, “Reporting Vietnam,” in honor of Bob Simon, the “60 Minutes” correspondent killed in a car crash last month. Combining photographs, news footage, artifacts and interactive displays–all set to a soundtrack of protest songs–the exhibit announced today marks fifty years since the arrival of U.S. troops in Vietnam, and asks the question, “did the press lose the war?”

The exhibit features Simon, who was one of the last journalists to leave Vietnam after the fall of Saigon, Morley Safer, who opened CBS’ Saigon bureau in 1965, Walter Cronkite and others.

“CBS is honored to partner with the Newseum on this exhibit in recognition of the extraordinary career of Bob Simon,” said David Rhodes, president of CBS News. “It was Bob’s reporting from Vietnam from 1971 to 1975 that cemented his role as the pre-eminent war correspondent of our time.”


“Reporting Vietnam” opens May 22.