CBS Should Have Replaced Rather With Schieffer “A Long Time Ago,” Cronkite Says

By Brian 

Wolf Blitzer interviewed Walter Cronkite on CNN Monday afternoon. And this quote is getting a lot of attention: “Although Dan did a fine job — I would like to have seen [Bob Schieffer] there a long time ago,” Cronkite said. “He would have given the others a real run for their money.” More:

 BLITZER: Well, what about after Bob Schieffer? Is there anybody inside CBS News right now that you think has the caliber, the experience, the style that could emerge as the chief anchor for CBS News?

CRONKITE: I think there are several, but I wouldn’t like to go into that right now. It would be a mistake, I think, to try to single them out in public.

They’re going to find it’s going to be tough not to follow Dan so much as to follow Schieffer. has the transcript…