CBS Radio News Announces Podcasting

By Brian 

Last month, in the wake of announcements that ABC and NBC were embracing podcasting, I asked if CBS had any similar plans in the works. Today we found out the answer is yes, but they’re taking a slightly different approach.

“Beginning this week, CBS Radio News will provide many programs to its affiliates for podcasting or station website use,” CBS announced today. Radio stations will access the podcast material via an affiliate Web site. will “make many of these CBS Radio News programs available in podcast form.”

“The goal is to give our stations new and additional ways to connect with listeners,” said Harvey Nagler, CBS News Vice President for Radio. There’s no word if the television side of CBS News is getting in on the action. Another quote from Nagler and a list of available podcasts is after the jump…

“Programs available for podcasting include “The CBS Weekend Roundup;” “What’s in the News” with correspondent Christopher Glenn;” “Wired Magazine;” “Entertainment Report with People magazine’s Lisa Karlin;” and “Larry Magid’s Tech Report,” among others.”

“The convenience of on-demand programming and expanded reports on big stories and hot topics will help keep our affiliates — and, in turn, their listeners — current with the news of the day and at the leading edge of news technology,” Nagler says.

Nagler adds that web-friendly programming is a natural extension of network radio news. “Our correspondents are great storytellers, and podcasting is another way for us to share those stories with the digital audience,” he said in the press release.