CBS Producer Fired: Net To Conduct “Standards Sessions” With Web Staff

By Brian 

“Memo to Katie Couric: You should send flowers to Don Imus,” Scott Collins writes in the LAT. “No, not so the shock jock might spill his guts to her in the inevitable comeback-trail interview. Instead, Couric should be grateful that last week’s Imus uproar took the heat off ‘CBS Evening News’ for its own embarrassing ethical lapse, this one involving plagiarism and other brands of deception. America, luckily for the former ‘Today’ show co-host, has room for only one media scandal at a time.”

An Important excerpt:

 As a corrective for the library-video mess, Sandra M. Genelius, a CBS News spokeswoman, said the network will conduct ‘standards sessions’ with its Web staff.

‘We are actively discussing additional editorial procedures to hopefully ensure this never happens again,’ she wrote in an e-mail.

(The network didn’t say whether Couric, whom it declined to make available for comment, would attend some of those remedial sessions or at least learn to pay more attention to what she says on camera.)