CBS Producer Fired: But It’s Okay For Couric To Fake Her Memories?

By Brian 

“With the firestorm over Imus, it seems like the Couric plagiarism flap is getting a total pass,” an e-mailer says. “It’s surprising given that it exposes the phoniness of Couric’s commentaries. The plagiarism is bad— and some kid got fired because of it.

But somehow it’s acceptable for A) Couric to share fake memories that actually were B) written by someone else who C) stole them from the Wall Street Journal. Everyone is outraged by parts B and C, but no one cares about part A?

Somehow it’s okay to say Katie didn’t know her material was plagiarized…. and that’s the end of it. Isn’t the anchor supposed to be the managing editor too?”

Check out Timothy Noah‘s essay on Slate…