CBS Photographer Returns to Europe, While Human Rights Group Asks for Reuters Death Probe

By Chris Ariens 

This week saw the death of a cameraman for Reuters and the release from captivity of a CBS photographer, both covering conflicts in the Middle East. 23-year-old Fadel Shana was killed in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. Yesterday, Human Rights Watch called for an independent investigation into the death, saying Israeli forces may have targeted the media.

Meanhwhile, CBS photographer Richard Butler, who was kidnapped February 10 in Basra and released on Monday, arrived in Europe today. “First and foremost I would like to thank all those who that were involved in working for my freedom, especially the Iraqi army whose bravery under fire actually won my freedom. I’d also like to express my deepest thanks to my CBS colleagues who worked tirelessly on my behalf and looked after my family in my absence.”

In his statement, Butler added that he had not been mistreated while in captivity. “Lastly, and most importantly, I would appeal to all hostage takers to release their hostages regardless of nationality,” Butler said.