“CBS News Withholds Details At FBI’s Request”

By Brian 

“Last night, the CBS Evening News led with Jim Stewart‘s exclusive story about how FBI technicians…have made significant progress in identifying the origins of Improvised Explosive Devices, or IEDs.” But CBS withheld details about the IEDs, Public Eye explains.

“At the request of the FBI, CBS News has agreed not to report specific findings about the reconstructed devices,” Stewart said on-air. He explained the reasoning to P.E. today:

“The FBI, he explained, subsequently objected to the level of detail CBS News planned to include in the report. The bureau argued that if CBS were to disclose certain facts, it could lead those who make the explosives to alter their methods, ‘potentially allowing these people to remain free and continue their work killing American men and women,’ as Stewart put it.”

Here’s the explanation of the decision-making process…