CBS News Picks Up Most 2017 Murrow Awards

By Chris Ariens 

CBS News, both TV and Radio, picked up a combined 8 Edward R. Murrow Awards from the RTDNA today.

At an event in October, the network will take home the awards for Overall Excellence for TV, and Overall Excellence for Radio.

“These awards commend the journalistic excellence across the whole operation and can be celebrated by all,” writes CBS News president David Rhodes in a note to staff, obtained by TVNewser. “This has been a challenging month of news coverage—thinking in particular of how events like those in Alexandria and London have the potential to make an impact on everyone covering them,” Rhodes writes. “It’s encouraging to see everyone’s efforts acknowledged by peers in journalism.”


In addition, CBS This Morning was named Best Newscast. CBS also wins for Continuing Coverage, Excellence in Writing and Investigative Reporting

CNN wins five awards: for Breaking News of the riots in Charlotte; for Clarissa Ward‘s News Series Undercover in Syria; the Excellence in Social Media award for coverage of the election; and two awards for the Arwa Damon report 28 Hours Surrounded by ISIS: Excellence in Video and Hard News reporting.

ESPN and Netflix were also among the winners this year. And wins Best Website.