CBS News’ Chris Licht on the risks of ‘leaving a safe and comfortable place’ for the unknown

By Chris Ariens 

Not only does the CBS Evening News get a new anchor and a new EP today, but this is the first day on the job for CBS News’s new Vice President of Programming. He’s Chris Licht the longtime — 15 years — NBC/MSNBC staffer who spent the last four years atop “Morning Joe.” Licht’s new job comes after the publication of, “What I Learned When I Almost Died,” about how he survived a brain hemorrhage and the lessons he learned from it. In part one of this week’s Media Beat, we talk with Licht about his new gig at CBS News.

  • Part II, tomorrow: What happens when the control room producer, loses control
  • Part III, Wednesday: What Chris Licht learned when he almost died