CBS News Announces New Initiative to Tackle Misinformation

By A.J. Katz 

CBS News and Stations started the week by revealing the launch of CBS News Confirmed, a new initiative which endeavors to tackle AI generated deepfakes and misinformation.

In a memo to staff, CBS News & Stations CEO Wendy McMahon explained that CBS News S&P chief Claudia Milne and ops and transformation chief Ross Dagan will led the effort, bringing together “a team of highly skilled journalists and the latest technology and reporting techniques to fact-check questionable videos and reports.

Ultimately, an important component will be to produce segments on our findings and be transparent with audiences about how we’re drawing our conclusions.”


In building this initiative, which will be rolled out over the next several months, CBS News will hire forensic journalists, expand training by the organization’s S&P team, and invest in “new, state of the art technology.”

“Technology is changing at an unprecedented pace. And the challenges created by the rise of generative AI, fake videos, and misinformation are too great for us not to meet head-on,” McMahon added.