CBS News and NBC News Launch True Crime Podcasts

By Mark Mwachiro 

The appetite for audio true crime shows no sign of going on a diet as both CBS News and NBC News announce new podcast series within the popular genre.

CBS News is launching a new true crime investigative podcast, Missing Justice, which gives listeners insight into the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous people across the country.

The six-part series, hosted by CBS News reporters Cara Korte and Bo Erickson, explores the circumstances surrounding the death of Christy Woodenthigh, a Native American woman, outside of her home on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in southeast Montana, and her family’s search for justice.


The first two episodes of Missing Justice will be available Tuesday, Nov. 22, with a new episode released weekly wherever podcasts are available.

A preview of the Missing Justice can be listened to here.

Over at NBC News, Dateline NBC is also launching six-part series that looks into how betrayal and murderous intent shattered a picture-perfect Charleston, S.C. family.

Murder and Magnolia from Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison contain new reporting and interviews that examine a South Carolina murder-for-hire plot.

This will be Morrison’s sixth podcast for Dateline, which has found new success with its true crime franchise in this medium. Listeners have downloaded Dateline true crime podcasts nearly 800 million times since the first one appeared in 2019.

Dateline has beaten the likes of ESPN, Barstool Sports, and Crooked Media in Apple’s rankings of free podcast channels, and it’s currently No. 1 on Apple’s podcast charts.

In a recent article in the New York Times, Morrison said that doing these true crime stories via podcasts has been “more pleasurable than most things I’ve done in my ridiculously long career.”

The first two episodes of Murder & Magnolias are available now for download and streaming on any podcast platform, with the following four episodes debuting over the next four weeks.