CBS Mornings Co-Host Tony Dokoupil Has 2 Children and Ex-Wife Living in Israel: ‘They Are Safe’

By A.J. Katz 

As far as U.S. TV newsers go, CBS Mornings co-host Tony Dokoupil has a unique connection to Israel. Two of his children along with his ex-wife (their mom) live in Israel, where heinous attacks perpetrated by Hamas started early Saturday morning. According to government the death toll in Israel has bypassed 700, including at least nine American citizens.

“First of all, thank you to everybody, our colleagues, friends, who reached out to ask I’m doing, how my family’s doing; heard from a lot of people online as well,” began Dokoupil, “It’s tough. I have an 14-year-old and 11-year old who live in Israel. They live there with their mother, my ex-wife. They are safe.”

He added, “As a father, I think people can understand if somebody is firing rockets in the direction of your children, without regard to whether they are struck or not, you’re going to feel a thing or two. It’s been a roller coaster weekend.”


Dokoupil said he has in fact been able to talk to them, including when the sirens started going off Saturday morning. “I‘ve been sad and angry and disgusted to see the news that unfolded in the 48 hours. We’re talking about the direct, close-range murder of more than 700 civilians in their cars, in their homes, at a festival,” said Dokoupil. “Then the kidnappings, and then the hostage taking, and then the evidence of rape. and I think there’s enough moral clarity in the world to say that this is wrong, it’s terrorism, and if it’s done in your name, speak up. speak up. I’m also heartbroken for the innocent people who in Gaza and their children and what will happen to them in the days ahead. 

And I’m disappointed and frustrated that 75 years — Gayle, you asked ‘how did it come this?’ I‘m disappointed that 75 years after the United Nations and the world said, ‘Jews and Arabs, go live in peace, divide up the land,’ the two people have been unable to do so. Three generations now have been living through war and trauma, and now it’s my kids, and it’s other people’s kids.”

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