CBS Kicks Off ‘CBS This Morning’

By Alex Weprin 

CBS this morning debuted its new morning news program, “CBS This Morning.” After a brief introduction from Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Erica Hill, previewing the days stories. The first segment was the “Eye Opener,” a slickly-produced 90-second look at the past 24 hours in news (unfortunately CBS did not make the segment embeddable, but you can view it here). Update: Here it is:

Among the stories today, plenty of politics, a follow-up on yesterday’s “60 Minutes” report from Scott Pelley on stem cell fraud, and some lighter news in the 8 PM hour.

The set for the new show, Studio 57 (named after its location on 57th street in New York City) is impressive and large, and includes something that EP Chris Licht said would be absent a few weeks ago: a couch. That said, the couch is actually located in the green room, which just happens to be behind glass on the set itself. See Licht give a tour here:

More on the set, after the jump.

One thing that Licht did not show you on the video is the newsroom being constructed next door. Originally CBS planned to put the newsroom to use at the same time as “This Morning,” but with most of the energy being spent to make sure the studio and show were looking good, the newsroom won’t be ready for a little while longer. When it does open, it will have skylights and a window facing the street, letting in plenty of natural light, as well as providing a view for curious passers-by.

Licht only mentioned it briefly, but guests appearing via satellite will be able to “sit” at the table with the hosts, as the screens can be moved through the studio.

As for decor, in addition to the real brick wall, the floors are all dark hardwood, giving it the feel of a nice living room, albeit one with a slew of bright lights and cameras.