CBS Evening News Viewers Are Still Old

By Brian 

In today’s NY Times, Les Moonves calls Katie Couric‘s ratings “terrific,” adding: “We were looking to attract new viewers and we did.”

But many of those new viewers were old. “Pre-Couric, the median age of Evening News viewers was over 60,” the Inquirer notes. And last week, the median age of Evening News viewers was 59.7 — just 1 percent below the broadcast’s Q3-to-date average of 60.5.

NBC Nightly News still had the youngest audience (barely; 59.3 last week) and World News had the oldest (60.0 last week).

Most of Couric’s viewers were outside the 18-49 demo that Moonves wants and needs. Last week, 32 percent of viewers were age 50-64 and 39 percent of viewers were 65+