CBS’ Dave Price on His Latest Assignment: ‘This Is Going to Be Tricky’

By kevin 

TVNewser caught up with CBS’ Dave Price, weather anchor for “The Early Show,” before he embarks on one of the stranger morning show assignments this year.

Later this morning, Price will learn which city on the west coast he’ll be flown to this afternoon. (Update: Santa Monica). CBS will give him just $50 and he’ll then have seven days to get back to New York City on his own, by himself without a crew. He’ll have to figure out food, transportation, and a place to stay.

“I like to think it’s because Harry, Russ, Julie, and Maggie just aren’t tough enough,” he told us.

Price will, of course, have a camera and a computer with him to file reports for “The Early Show.” That way, viewers across the country will get to see if he’s able to get by. He told us, “I’m going to be on the lookout — to be honest with you — for anyone with cash, food, or wheels. And in the process, trying to avoid anyone with an outstanding warrant.”

We wondered if Price had a leg up in this adventure because of his celebrity, but he doesn’t seem so confident in that: “The one time you try and use it is the one time no one recognizes you. So I’m probably not going to walk up and say, ‘Do you know who I am.’ And if I do, I’m going to say, ‘Do you know who I am? I’m friends with Al Roker.'”

Price tells TVNewser that he was approached by one of the show’s producers to consider the assignment. “I said, ‘I love this,'” he recalls. “In the event that things don’t work out, we’ll correct that last question and I will tell you about the former producer it was.”

The project is a way to put a twist on the tendency of more and more Americans to lean towards frugal travel. “These are challenging economic times and we’re going to show that you can still have a good time and it doesn’t take a lot of money to enjoy America.” Plus, it will give a “platform to good people all across the country.”

Though Price thinks he’ll enjoy the experience, he realizes the challenges ahead. “This is going to be tricky,” he said. “Initially, I thought it was fun, but then when you pull away the shtick of the whole thing and actually look at the challenge, it’s daunting.”

Stretching 50 dollars to get across the country seems difficult, but at least Price appears to have a plan, “It might be a good time, since this is going out on the web, to mention: I sing. I do bar mitzvahs and weddings.”

TVNewser wanted to know, of course, if he’ll be prepared for the weather. “What am I supposed to do? Some parts of the country, it’s overnight going to be in the 30s and in some parts of the country — in the desert in the southwest — it’s going to be in the 90s theoretically,” he said in a panic. “I’m trying to prepare for everything.”

Aside from his dispatches on “The Early Show,” you can follow his journey on twitter and the “Early Show” site will post his GPS tracker so you can see exactly where he is and, maybe, help him out.

Here’s the promo CBS is running: