Cavuto Talks FBN, Columbo in STRATOS Mag Interview

By SteveK 

Fox News and FBN anchor Neil Cavuto was interviewed in the December issue of the very non-Main Street publication, STRATOS magazine. STRATOS is the “premiere in-flight magazine for corporate and private jets.”

Cavuto discussed how FBN is different from its competitors, how FBN will use the recently-acquired Wall Street Journal and how he deals with multiple sclerosis, among other topics.

Cavuto also touched on what sets him apart as an anchor. “I think I’m just very odd,” he said. “I was never the smartest kid in the class, but I always knew how to ask the right questions. I liken myself to Columbo — You know, the detective Peter Falk played on TV? I don’t buy the standard lines. I don’t ask standard questions.”