Cavuto on Obama Snub: “We Don’t Beg”

By Chris Ariens 

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FNC’s Neil Cavuto took a satirical look at the White House passing on FOX as part of Pres. Obama’s Sunday show rounds.

“Fox ain’t on the list,” said Cavuto, adding, “I’m here to tell you, Mr. President, it’s ok. I’m ok. But this ain’t sitting well with other broadcasters you are leaving out. You didn’t hear it from me, Mr. President, but I’m told the folks at ESPN are furious. ESPN-2, too, and the the Speed Channel…”

Cavuto even used a clip from the children’s channel Sprout, saying, “they’ve reduced themselves to begging.”

“Not here, Mr. President, we’re too classy for that sort of thing. We don’t beg,” said Cavuto.

We haven’t heard yet from FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace. But he’ll be making his rounds later this week promoting the show and will probably have something to say about his non-Obama booking.