Cavuto on Election : ‘We Are Not Red; We Are Not Blue’

By kevin 

Today on “Your World,” Fox News’ Neil Cavuto explained his position on the coverage of the New Jersey gubernatorial election and candidates Chris Christie and Gov. Jon Corzine: “The notion that the better part of ‘fair and balanced’ is not to include any interview with any candidate because his opponent refuses to come on is simply something we don’t subscribe to here.”

TPM believes that Cavuto was taking “a shot” with the remark at his Fox News colleague, Shepard Smith.

Last Tuesday on “Studio B,” Shannon Bream interviewed Christie, the New Jersey GOP gubernatorial candidate, and, after a question from Smith about whether Christie’s opponent would be interviewed, Bream said that Fox News had multiple interview requests in with Corzine.


Smith said, following the segment, “I didn’t know that was about to happen. My apologies for the lack of balance there. If I had control, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Cavuto clip: