Cavuto Caption Contest: Responses

By Brian 

Thank you for the dozens of responses to Friday’s Cavuto caption contest. One e-mailer suggested: “Maybe this will get Elliot Spitzer to be on my show!” I liked the one-word caption: “Fox.” And of course, there were jokes about how the Dow wasn’t the only thing rising… More after the jump.

“MMMM. My four favorite people. I mean.. 2 favorite people. Two. There are two of them.”

“I haven’t seen this many boobs since the election.”

“No thanks, gals! With O’Reilly and Geraldo, we have enough boobs at this network thank you!”

“Who’s More Desperate? Tough to Say”

“I’d like to thank all four of you for appearing.”

“A Fox News Alert! The Dow isn’t the only thing that’s up!”