Capus Is Surprised It’s Not Gibson

By Brian 

NBC News president Steve Capus was surprised by this week’s World News Tonight decision.
“Charlie Gibson strikes me as somebody born to do a job like that [anchor WNT],” Capus tells Gail Shister. “He did a terrific job as the face of ABC News through the death of Peter Jennings. I thought he had cemented his role in the future. I don’t know what led them to come to this decision. There’s no question he’s done a better job for them from a ratings point of view.”

ABC News vice president Jeffrey Schneider responded: “With an anchor threatening to jump ship [Katie Couric] you’d think that’s where Steve’s focus would be right now.”

> Update: 9:45am: “That Capus quote makes him sound sounds like the EP of Nightly News, not the President of NBC News,” an e-mailer says. “He will learn the hard way that he shouldn’t take cheap shots like that in his current job.”