Canseco Cancels on King: ‘I Can’t Emotionally do It’

By Chris Ariens 

Jose Canseco canceled his “Larry King Live” interview last night because he was “having a breakdown.”

At the start of the show King announced, “Before we begin all the breaking news, a little bit of breaking news of our own. About 35 minutes before air time, we received word from Jose Canseco, the former baseball star, saying, quote, ‘I am having a breakdown. I can’t emotionally do it’ — meaning this program. ‘I am emotionally drained. I am tired of defending myself.'”

“We’re sorry to hear that, Jose,” said King, “And if you want to get a rain check, you’re welcome here tomorrow night, as well.”


Canseco was booked to talk about the Mark Mcgwire admission.