Can Newt Gingrich Keep Up the ‘Blame the Media’ Strategy?

By Chris Ariens 

Media watcher Bernard Goldberg, an “O’Reilly Factor” regular, was on the show last night saying Newt Gingrich’s tactic of taking on the media during debates “is going to get old.”

“It can continue for a while — this strategy, if that’s what it is on Gingrich’s part — but most of this plays out on TV and as a TV show, it’s going to get old at some point, it’s going to lose impact.”

During the discussion, O’Reilly also admitted he would have asked the “open marriage” question that John King posed at the start of last week’s South Carolina debate. But, O’Reilly says, “I would have asked it in a different way, way into the debate.”

(h/t J$P)