Campbell Brown: Pregnancy “Lets Me Relax About the TV Stuff”

By Gail Shister 

Gail Shister
TVNewser Columnist

When you’re 39 and about to give birth for the first time, presidential debates are kids’ play.

That’s why Campbell Brown — off the air since leaving NBC in July — says she feels no pressure about her CNN debut tomorrow as a questioner at the Democratic event in Las Vegas.


“I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant. I’m huge. I’m so freaked out about going into labor at any moment, it lets me relax about the TV stuff. It’s made me very Zen. At a certain point, you have to roll with it.”

Brown is due Christmas Day. (Tough break on the presents, kid.) Her husband, G.O.P. strategist Dan Senor, didn’t want to know the baby’s gender, but Brown “vetoed him. I’m a reporter. I can never deny myself information.” BTW, it’s a boy.

Brown hopes to launch her 8pmET CNN show on Feb. 5, Super Tuesday.

The fact that her exec producer, Mitch Semel, has an entertainment background is not a negative, she says.

“For me to succeed in cable, I have to be more open to putting myself out there than I needed to before,” says the former NBC White House correspondent.

“By nature and training, I’m a traditionalist. It’s in my bones. It took me a while at ‘Today’ to realize it was OK to open up and have fun. I need to take it even further with cable. I have more freedom to express myself.”

Speaking of freedom, what if Brown really does go into labor during the debate?

Her husband is out of the country, but Brown says her BFF, Washington Post reporter Anne Kornblut, will be there covering the debate.

Worst case scenario: Kornblut will be her labor coach. And what happens in Vegas will definitely not stay in Vegas.

Preparations for Thursday night’s Democratic candidate debate in Las Vegas. (Photo Courtesy CNN)