Campbell Brown: “CNN Is the Only One Who’s Still Doing Journalism”

By Chris Ariens 

CNN’s Campbell Brown sat down late last week with Julie Menin. And right out of the gate, Brown explained what sets CNN apart from its competitors. “CNN is the only one who’s still doing journalism,” said Brown, anchor of CNN’s 8pmET program. “I don’t mean that as a criticism of what the other guys are doing, it’s just…we’re comparing apples and oranges. Fox has made a choice to go in one direction, MSNBC has made a choice to go in the other direction.”

Last night, FNC’s Greta Van Susteren responded, “[W]ile I don’t want to engage in a verbal duel, ON THE RECORD at 10pm has been steeped in economics, finance, government, bailouts, economy and politics (and yes, crime and we did some Michael Jackson) so I find it hard to think we are not ‘doing journalism.’ I am proud of ON THE RECORD at 10pm and proud of Fox News for supporting us — if you notice, ON THE RECORD does journalism the ‘old fashion way’ — meaning we hit the road traveling all the time.”

The clip is below. Around the 5-minute mark you’ll hear Brown reference “a blogger who covers the television news business.” We’ve been assured that blogger does not write for TVNewser.