Calling All Interns

By Brian 

Why should FishBowlDC and Wonkette have all the fun?

When I appeared on MSNBC’s Tucker last Friday, I mentioned Facebook. Within minutes, more than 50 friend requests were pending in my Inbox. As I browsed the profiles of my new friends, I noticed that a few are interning at news networks this summer. And that’s how this idea came about…

Attention all interns: TVNewser wants your Intern Tales. What’s it like working at a cabler like FNC, CNN, MSNBC, or CNBC? How about a broadcast net like NBC, ABC or CBS? Who’s nice? Who’s not so nice? Who’s a complete asshole? What are the best parts of the job — and what are the worst? TVNewser wants to know.

Send your Intern Tales to I won’t print your name or e-mail. For complete anonymity, use the anonymous tip box, located on the upper right side of this page. (I’ll have no idea who you are.) Remember, your bosses may read your message (and you still need a recommendation letter), so keep the identifying info to a minimum. Former interns, we want to hear your stories, too! So don’t be shy — send us your Intern Tales, and look for them on TVNewser in the coming weeks…