Cafferty File Opens to Clinton v. Media

By SteveK 

Jack Cafferty asks on whether the news media is being unfair to Sen. Hillary Clinton (via Johnny Dollar).

Cafferty writes, “The Clinton campaign has been complaining recently — more so since she has fallen behind — that the news media is tougher on her than Obama. It’s a tactic as old as politics: things aren’t going well, blame the media.”

Cafferty also cites Maureen Dowd‘s column in today’s New York Times, which questions Sen. Clinton’s tactic to attack the press. “Beating on the press is the lamest thing you can do,” she writes. “It is only because of the utter open-mindedness of the press that Hillary can lose 11 contests in a row and still be treated as a contender.”

On the site, Cafferty asks viewers to answer the question “unfair to Clinton” question, and responses will be read during The Cafferty File segment on The Situation Room today at 4pmET.

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