Cable’s 8pm Hour: Beat the Press (with full credit to Emily Rooney)

By Chris Ariens 

And the beat(ings) goes on.

Tonight, Bill O’Reilly blasted Keith Olbermann (not by name, never by name) while Olbermann took on Katie Couric naming her worst person in the world.

In Talking Points, O’Reilly was discussing the criticism which may, or may not, be leveled against Michelle Obama. But the commentary turned into a rant against “far left loons,” with O’Reilly lumping MSNBC into a category with the Daily Kos, The Huffington Post and Air America.


MSNBC is 27th ranked cable channel behind the tomato channel, I believe. Because some of the commentators are blatantly dishonest and off-the-chart haters. Only extremists buy into that. By the way at 8pm last night, The Factor beat MSNBC by 139% in total audience and 102% in the key demo.”

And over on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann was saving his disesteem for Katie Couric and, well, you know who else…