Cablers Cover Shooting Inside Holocaust Museum

By SteveK 

At 1:15pmET, Fox News and CNN reported a shooting inside the Holocaust Museum in DC, with MSNBC reporting the news out of a commercial break a few minutes later. By 1:23, all three were in wall-to-wall coverage of the shooting. Early reports say the shooter is arrested, three people have been shot and one is in critical condition. The cablers are continuing coverage:

> Update: Just before 2pmET, MSNBC was the first cabler to report the suspect is 89-years-old with possible ties to white supremacy organizations.

> Update 2: MSNBC is way ahead of CNN and FNC in reporting on the shooter. Pete Williams reports it is James W. Von Brunn, who previously was arrested in 1981 for bringing a gun into the Federal Reserve. Neither CNN or FNC have made any mention of who the suspect is as of 2:20pmET.

> Update 3: Fox News “confirms” Von Brunn is the shooter at 2:26pmET.

> Update 4: CNN makes first mention of Von Brunn at 2:36pmET, only after first saying, “We’re going to hang this on NBC News right now.”

> Update 5: FNC and CNN each reported, citing affiliate reports, at 3:58pmET that security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns has died. MSNBC reported it a short time later.