Cablers Cover Cochran’s Passing

By Brian 

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> Nancy Grace formerly hosted a Court TV show with Cochran. “We had the best time arguing,” she says. “If it hadn’t been for Johnnie, I may still be trying shopliftings right now.” (Her show transcript)

> The news broke during MSNBC’s hour of legal news. “Dan Abrams provide details of his life and career beyond OJ,” an e-mailer says. Another e-mailer called Abrams’ personal insights “very touching.”

> “Wow, Larry King has his game face on tonight,” a viewer writes in. “His program was largely devoted to the passing of Johnny Cochran.  I have not seen a galaxy of stars on TV in a long, long time.” Richard Prince has the guest list.

> An e-mailer says the cablers announced Cochran’s death in this order: MSNBC, HLN, CNN, FNC. Can anyone confirm that?