Cable Quotables on Obama Speech: “I’ve Been Criticized For Saying He Inspires Me. To Hell With My Critics”

By Chris Ariens 

Brit Hume: “It is clear from the response you are seeing that this audience clearly feels that this is the man and this speech has met the challenge of this venue and this speech was all that he wanted it to be.”

Keith Olbermann: “Vote for him or do not, but take pride that this nation can produce men and speakers such as that. For 42 minutes not a sour note and spell binding throughout, in a way usually reserved for the creations of fiction.”

Chris Wallace
: “I thought it was an exceedingly smart speech in which Barack Obama played both offense and defense very effectively.”

Campbell Brown: “What you heard was very down there, plain spoken, no BS, if you will.”


Chris Matthews: “It was a great way of throwing back the best shot and saying [the other side] is full of crap. I’ve been criticized for saying he inspires me…To hell with my critics.”

Howard Wolfson: “I think someone may have put some Obama-koolaid into my water here. I thought it was great.”

Pat Buchanan: “It was a genuinely outstanding speech. It was magnificent. It is the finest … this the greatest acceptance speech… this wasn’t a liberal speech this is a deeply, deeply centrist speech.”