Cable News Ratings: Saturday Glenn Beck Rally Coverage

By kevin 

Though none of the cable news networks — save C-SPAN — provided full coverage of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington on Saturday, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC did provide some coverage to varying degrees. Here’s a look at the data we have:

During the 10am-1pmET block, Fox, which was in business programming from 10am-12pm, had the largest viewership. CNN, which perhaps had the most coverage of the rally, saw the largest increase of the three networks compared to the same time-slot last Saturday. (Since C-SPAN, which carried the rally live in full, is not a commercial television network, it is not rated by Nielsen. So despite the fact that Beck said last night that he “can’t wait to see the numbers” for C-SPAN, we, unfortunately, won’t be getting any.)


Sarah Palin spoke in the 10amET hour and was carried live on CNN. Check out our liveblog of the coverage and the rally, which ended at 1:18pmET. More on Saturday’s numbers here.

  Fox News CNN MSNBC
10am-1pm 1.08M/279k 729k/212k 283k/83k
10am 1.06M/290k 632k/216k 295k/74k
11am 1.06M/278k 737k/230k 300k/72k
12pm 1.13M/270k 818k/189k 255k/103k
1pm 985k/167k 595k/148k 250k/124k

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