Cable News Outlets Report on Louisville Bank Shooting: ‘If You Know the Area, Stay Away’

By A.J. Katz 

Another week, another mass shooting. Although this one took place inside a bank, not a school.

Louisville, Ky., Metro Police announced Monday morning that a lone gunman opened fire inside a bank in downtown Louisville at around 8:30 a.m. ET, killing at least four people. At least eight people were transported to nearby University of Louisville Hospital. Two police officers at the scene were shot, including one in critical condition, as of publication time.

The shooter is dead, said Louisville Metro Police Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey said. He “did have a connection to the bank,” and may have previously been an employee.  He is also believed to have used an AR-15 style rifle to commit the killings.


In a Monday morning news conference, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said that he lost two close friends in the shooting.

“This is awful. I have a very close friend that didn’t make it today, and I have another close friend that didn’t either,” said Gov. Beshear.

He said he has another friend that was injured “that I hope is going to make it through.”

Here’s when (and how) cable news delivered the stunning news:

At 9:18 a.m. ET, Bill Hemmer reported on Fox News: “Breaking news now. Louisville, Kentucky. Some sort of stand-off apparently between police and what is considered to be an active shooter. This is what we’re getting from WAVE (Gray-owned Louisville NBC affiliate), reports of an active shooting incident downtown Louisville near the Old National Bank. Louisville Police asking the public to avoid the downtown area near the intersection of Preston and Floyd during the shooting investigation. Not a lot more information available. All those news outlets working to gather more information as we are as well.”

At 9:32 a.m. ET, Keleigh Beeson reported on NewsNation: “We are following breaking news in Louisville, Kentucky. Authorities there are on the scene of a possible shooting. This all happening at a bank. Police say there is an active aggressor and there are multiple casualties. They are advising residents to stay away from the area. We’ll have updates here on NewsNation as they come in.”

At 9:42 a.m. ET, Sara Sidner reported on CNN: “This is just in to CNN. Police say there are multiple casualties in Louisville, Kentucky, and they are responding to “an active aggressor.” You are looking at live pictures there. Officials, including the LMPD and ATF are telling everyone to stay away from the area of 300 block of East Main Street. Mayor Craig Greenberg also is urging the public to stay away from the area around Slugger Field. We will update you on that breaking news. You are looking at the scene now. Lots of police cars there, and they’re telling the public to keep away from that area in downtown Louisville.”

At 9:50 a.m. ET, Mika Brzezinski reported on MSNBC: “Ten minutes before the top of the hour. We’re following breaking news of multiple casualties in what police are calling an “active aggressor situation” out of Louisville, Kentucky. The Louisville Metro Police Department is warning residents to stay out of the area, which is close to Slugger Field. The situation is ongoing, and we will bring you developments as they come. They call this an” active aggressor situation” so gunman, gunmen, still at large. A dangerous situation in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, near Slugger Field. If you know the area, stay away.”

At 9:51 a.m. ET Shaun Kraisman reported on Newsmax, “We’re going to take you live now to Louisville, Kentucky. What you’re seeing there is an active scene. Louisville Police reporting this: An active shooter situation, saying this, ‘there are multiple casualties at this hour after an active aggressor incident.’ That is according to police. Remember, casualty doesn’t necessarily mean fatality. That’s all we have so far. This is just coming into the newsroom. Again, a live shot here — you can see in the distance a perimeter set up by authorities, police in that area and you can see media staging at this time. Not much information known …”