Cable Network Ranker: Week of March 4

By Alex Weprin 

The Jodi Arias trial continues to deliver dividends for HLN, with the network not only placing above CNN in primetime and total day, but MSNBC in total day.

Fox News remains the top cable news channel, placing fourth among ad-supported cable channels (fifth among all channels) in primetime, and sixth (seventh overall) in total day.  FNC averaged 1.85 million viewers in primetime, and 1.11 million viewers in total day.

MSNBC placed 24th in primetime and 29th in total day among ad-supported channels (25th and 30th among all networks), averaging 722,000 and 395,000 viewers, respectively. HLN was 29th in primetime and 27th in total day among ad-supported channels (30th and 28th among all nets) averaging 599,000 and 424,000 viewers, respectively. CNN placed 33rd in both primetime and total day (34th among all nets), averaging 507,000 and 362,000 viewers, respectively.

Current TV placed last among all Nielsen-rated networks in primetime, and 94th out of 97 total day. It was below Nielsen’s minimum threshold for accuracy.

For the business networks: CNBC led the way as usual, placing 54th in primetime and 49th in total day (55th and 50th among all nets), and averaging 222,000 and 179,000 viewers, respectively. Fox Business Network placed 90th in primetime and 88th in total day (91st and 89th among all nets), averaging 49,000 and 51,000 viewers, respectively. Bloomberg TV hasn’t been rated by Nielsen since it launched.

The ranker of ad-supported cable channels:

All Cable Rank Week of 3-4-13