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By Alissa Krinsky 

On the same day that Fox Business Network is said to have named some of its new anchor lineup,’s Nat Worden raises the issue of star power in the forthcoming battle for viewers between FBN and CNBC. Worden writes that “analysts say (FBN) still has to score a Money Honey if it’s going to dethrone” CNBC.

And speaking of the Money Honey, Worden discusses the allegations of a rivalry at CNBC between Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett. At issue: does News Corp. have anything to do with perpetrating reports of that supposed rivalry (via News Corp.-owned print outlets like the New York Post), in order to suggest trouble at CNBC? “It’s clear to everyone why (Post) is trying to manufacture something that doesn’t exist,” CNBC spokesman Kevin Goldman tells Worden.

A Post spokesperson says the matter is “unworthy of comment”, according to Worden, who writes that News Corp. spokesman Andrew Butcher called the allegations “a conspiracy theory invented by bloggers.”