“Bush & Putin…”

By Brian 

I love Frontier Airways. I watched five hours of Fox News, CNN Headline News and CNBC this morning, thanks to the airline’s DirecTV service. (Alas, they don’t carry CNN or MSNBC.) > Fox titled the story “Bush & Putin: Drawing The Line.” They called on a battery of analysts in Slovakia and Washington to offer insight.

> Wasn’t John King’s press conference question to Bush and Putin great? It was wonderful to see the Russian president being questioned by a true journalist.

> From an e-mailer: “Bush was speaking this morning at around 6:30 EDT in Slovakia. CNN went to commercial as soon as Bush was done. MSNBC kept Imus on, ranting about something. I turned over immediately after though, but it’s doubtful they showed Bush. FNC kept with Bush longer than anyone, not going back to Fox Friends until about 1 minute after CNN had to go pay some bills with a commercial spot.”

> I recall CNBC’s Mark Haines saying that Bush was in Slovenia…